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Are you missing all of your permanent teeth? Do you have an old set of dentures that need to be replaced? Receive new dentures and partials at Perfect Smiles in Bensalem, PA. Dentures are a restorative dentistry solution that can replace multiple missing teeth. Partial dentures can restore rows of missing teeth, while full dentures can replace whole arches of teeth. Patients who have lost teeth due to an infection, accident, or genetics can restore the appearance and health of their smile with dentures. With this restoration, patients can renew their confidence in their smiles and enjoy speaking and eating comfortably.

Dentures in Bensalem, Pennsylvania

Removable vs. Implant-Supported Dentures

Traditional dentures are prosthetic teeth that are adhered to the gums using a dental adhesive. These removable dentures are a quick and economical way for patients to receive replacement teeth. However, removable dentures do not restore full bite function. This means that patients will still need to stay away from hard or sticky foods that are difficult to bite and chew.

Dental implants provide stability and security to dentures and dental bridges. This is because dental implants are strategically placed in the mouth to secure prosthetic teeth. Implants are also made of titanium metal posts. Once the implant posts meld with the bone tissue, they become a permanent part of the mouth. With implant-secured dentures, patients can easily eat what they love with fewer dietary restrictions.

Treatment with Dentures

Before treatment, we always make sure that our patients are in good oral and physical health. We will address any problems with bone grafting, dental extractions, or periodontal therapy to ensure the health of the teeth and gums. If you are receiving traditional dentures, we will first take a scan of your teeth. This scan is sent to a dental lab, where technicians craft the dentures out of resin

Patients who receive implants to secure their denture typically have a longer treatment time, but a more permanent restoration. Our dentists will also scan the mouth before the implant procedure in order to fabricate the denture prosthetic.  To begin implant treatment, an oral surgeon inserts implant posts into the jaw bone tissue. Over their healing period, the implants will fuse with the jaw bone. Once the dental implants are stable, we will attach the dentures.

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