Teeth Whitening Bensalem, PA

Do you have stained or discolored teeth? Has your tooth enamel yellowed over time? There are many common causes of tooth discoloration, including foods and beverages, smoking, and dental injuries. Some foods and beverages, including berries, coffee, and tea contain pigments called chromogens. These pigments stain the tooth enamel. Patients who smoke or use tobacco products may also experience tooth discoloration. This is because nicotine quickly yellows the natural teeth. Even a dental injury can change the color of the tooth enamel. Patients who break or chip a tooth often notice that their injured tooth seems dulled. Tooth wear and injuries show dentin, the dark underlayer beneath the tooth enamel. This layer can make teeth appear discolored.

No matter the cause of your tooth discoloration, you can receive high-quality care. At Perfect Smiles, we provide professional teeth whitening treatment in Bensalem, PA. For the convenience of our patients, our dental team offers both in-office and take-home treatment for this cosmetic dentistry solution. Professional teeth whitening treatment removes years of tooth stains, improves the brightness of the smile, and encourages regular at-home hygiene. Teeth whitening treatment not only provides brilliant results but can help boost patients’ confidence. If you want to eliminate years from the appearance of your smile, request a dental consultation at Perfect Smiles today to explore your treatment options.

Whiten Teeth in Bensalem, Pennsylvania

In-Office and Take-Home Teeth Whitening

For whitening treatment in our office, we first apply a barrier on the gums. This helps minimize gum sensitivity during treatment. Then, we will apply a bleaching gel to the tooth enamel. The gel stays on the teeth to allow the whitening agents to penetrate the enamel. Then, we remove the gel and repeat the process until the teeth are several shades whiter.

Our take-home whitening treatment is a good option for patients who want to brighten their smiles in the comfort of their own homes. However, we will need patients to come to our office for a consultation and scans of their teeth. Using these scans, we can provide custom-made whitening trays to our patients. At home, patients apply the whitening gel to the trays. The gel contains the same professional bleaching ingredients that we use in our office. Our dentists will provide you with instructions on how long to wear your trays for the results you want.

Treating Deep Tooth Stains

Some dental stains are intrinsic, which means they exist beneath the outer layer of tooth enamel. For patients with deeply stained teeth, we will recommend porcelain veneers, tooth bonding, and even dental crowns. Each of these treatments can cover the natural teeth and brighten the smile. Veneers are thin shells that are bonded to the front of the enamel. Dental bonding uses a malleable material that is shaped and then cured onto the teeth. Dental crowns fully cover teeth like caps and can benefit patients with discolored and damaged teeth.

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Do you want a brighter, whiter smile? Schedule a dental consultation with the team at Perfect Smiles online or call 215-770-1081. If you have any questions or want to discuss your cosmetic goals with us, please let our team know. They will review your options for you at your consultation.