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Frequently Asked Dental Questions

We’re Happy to Educate All of Our Patients

Whether you have not been to the dentist in a long time or you simply aren’t sure if a specific treatment is right for you, we’d be more than happy to take any questions that you have. As you’ll find below, there are many questions that we receive on a regular basis, so feel free to take a look at them before your visit. Of course, if your question isn’t listed, feel free to call our office directly.

How often should I receive a dental cleaning?

We recommend that you come in for a routine cleaning at least once every six months. Even if your at-home oral hygiene is sufficient, there are many areas of the mouth that often go missed during routine brushing and flossing. Furthermore, the only way to remove harmful tartar (calcified plaque) is with professional cleanings. No amount of at-home care can remove this material on its own.

Can you replace my teeth?

Absolutely! There are multiple ways to replace missing teeth. For example, dental bridges rely on neighboring teeth to act as anchors so a larger restoration made up of multiple crowns can sit on top of them. This effectively bridges the gap and stops neighboring teeth from shifting out of place. Alternatively, dental implants can be used to independently hold single, multiple or all teeth in a given arch.

Do you use dental implants to replace teeth?

We sure do! Not only can you visit Perfect Smiles of Bensalem for dental implants, but you can have the implants placed entirely in our office! This is a great long-term solution for tooth replacement and our office has all the technology and expertise to ensure the most successful treatment possible. We even offer mini dental implants for those with minimal bone tissue and All-on-4 for those looking to restore their smile the same day as their dental surgery.

My gums hurt. Is there treatment available for me?

Our in-house periodontist is more than capable of restoring gum tissue damaged by infection, even in more severe cases. At our office, you can receive the traditional scaling and root planing, but you can also have antibiotic therapy performed to promote healing of the gums following your gum therapy. We even offer the Chao Pinhole Technique, which directly addresses gum recession without gum grafting surgery and causes much less discomfort overall.

If my tooth hurts, what does it mean?

Toothaches can mean a variety of issues, such as tooth decay. However, if you notice dark discoloration in your tooth, you find it very difficult to chew, or you notice fever symptoms, it could be an infection inside the tooth. In this case, we can perform comprehensive root canal therapy. We also have an endodontist who can perform treatment, so you know you’re getting the best when it comes to your care.

I’m not happy with my smile. Can you fix it?

Hiding chips, cracks, stains and other imperfections doesn’t have to be difficult when cosmetic dentistry is available at our practice! Porcelain veneers and Lumineers can both work to hide multiple issues at once, with Lumineers being so thin they don’t require removal of enamel to place. Of course, direct bonding, gum recontouring and in-office teeth whitening can make a big difference. With our digital imaging software, we can even give you a preview of your new smile before treatment begins!